Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Local Author Showcase Set for July 23

Public library presents annual author event

            Cumberland County Public Library’s annual Local Author Showcase is Sunday, July 23 at 2 p.m. at the Headquarters Library, 300 Maiden Lane. Authors will meet and talk to the community about their books and other writings.

           This year’s event features local authors with books ranging from inspirational nonfiction, self-help, romance, thrillers, mysteries and poetry. Authors will have their books for sale with 20 percent of sales being donated to The Friends of the Cumberland County Public Library. 

Participating authors:
Nonfiction: Inspirational, Self-Help, Poetry
Jerry Bradley, Two Steps Forward One Step Back
Blaine Davidson, Haikus and Other Poems in English and in French
Dr. Paula Davis, STAND: The Naked Truth of an Indiscretion
Taneshia Kerr, Underqualified & Overwhelmed
Carolyn Murphy, God Will Perform His Word: It Is So - So It Is!
JoannA Nunez, Finding Peace with PTSD
DeWanna Whitted, Into Me You See; The Pig that Wanted to be Kept
Belinda Guyton-Williams, I Shall Live & Not Die; Overcoming Pain for Purpose
LaTrea Wyche, Intimate Conversation with God

Non-Fiction/Children's Books
Sharon C. Williams, Jasper, and Amazon Parrott: A Rainforest Adventure; Jasper: Rainforest Friends and Family, Vol. 2; Squirrel Mafia; Everyday Musings
Beverly Wolf, Mimi and K. Bug

Fiction: Thriller, Mystery, Romance, Fantasy
Kari Grace, A Dog’s Life
Donald Kemp, Rendering: Seniors Touring Society
Robin Minnick, Where the Bodies Lie Buried; Sweet Corn, Fields Forever
Chakita Ross, Canicular Days in a Season; A Box of Hearts
Tessa Stone, Illicit
David Wilson, High Crimes in Carolina

            For more information on this and other free programs available at the library, please visit cumberland.lib.nc.us or call 483-7727.

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