Monday, March 16, 2015

Friends will Match Library Endowment Trust Donations in 2015

          The Friends of Library have announced that they will match any donation to the Library Endowment Trust (LET) in 2015 until donations reach $7,500 and they have nearly met their goal with less than $1,000 to raise. Please consider donating today to help them reach or exceed their goal.
          The LET is managed by the Cumberland Community Foundation, Inc. Every financial gift increases the fund’s principal and the interest it earns is devoted to enhancing library services that would otherwise not be possible.
          There are several methods of contributing to the LET. Contact Cumberland County Public Library at (910) 483-7727 ext. 1304 or Cumberland Community Foundation, Inc. at (910) 483-4449 to learn how you can remember the library through a direct gift, life insurance, appreciated securities/stocks, other tangible assets, a bequest or by creating your own legacy through a named endowment to support your preferred library branch. Information is also available on the library's website. All 2015 donations to the LET are eligible for the doubling program.
           Cumberland Community Foundation, Inc. is a tax exempt charitable organization. All gifts, whether made today or through an estate or will, are deductible to the extent allowed by law. Cumberland Community Foundation, Inc. (CCF) administers all library endowments and trusts.

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